Aims and Objectives

The Aims and Objectives of the World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) are:

  1. To be an international platform for global Buddhist Organizations, Buddhist Leaders, Buddhist Scholars and Sangha institutions and communities.
  2. To foster collaboration, unity and solidarity among all Buddhists, Buddhist Organizations, and Sangha monks worldwide.
  3. To propagate, protect and promote Buddhism and the Buddha Dharma globally.
  4. To guide, develop, train, educate and empower Buddhist Youth, and new Buddhist converts to be future Buddhist Leaders.
  5. Protection, promotion and preservation of ancient Buddhist Heritage and archeological sites and monuments globally.
  6. To coordinate, enhance friendship, knowledge sharing and exploration of Buddhist doctrines, among all the four major Buddhist traditions around the World namely- Mahayana, Theravada, Vajirayana and Tantrayana.
  7. To organize and carry out moral, social and dharma activities in the field of social, educational and others humanitarian services for the wellbeing and benefit of humanity.
  8. To do all things necessary and suitable, or for the attainment, of any and all of the primary purposes herein enumerated or incidental to the powers herein named, or which shall at any time appear conducive or expedient for the protection or benefits of the organization and its members.